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Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 Look at how sunny Pittsburg is! The last time we saw our P-burg Dance Moms,they were livid. After star pupil Maddy forgot her solo and ran off the competition stage in tears, Abby Lee Miller was all out of screams. She ran out of screams to give. Her best tiny dancer had disappointed her, and frankly, she admitted, she didn’t care about the rest of them. She lied to BFF (and Maddy’s mom) Melissa, saying her mother was ill, and then ditched the moms altogether.

So obviously everyone was super excited to see her and give her hugs and kisses back in the Abby Lee Dance Company studio, right? Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 Wrong! The moms are pissed, and they’ve made sure to instruct their daughters on how to look pissed, too. As Abby begins her version of an apology, itty bitty Mackenzie plugged her ears, and Brooke looked too cool for dance school.

Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 Executives from Lifetime announced on August 28 that the cable network experienced an impressive 13% jump in ratings in August among women 18-49 and women 25-54. The ratings increase was driven largely by its successful unscripted series “Dance Moms” and its scripted drama “Drop Dead Diva.”

According to TV By the Numbers, Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 Lifetime’s ratings increase marks the strongest summer year-to-year growth for Lifetime in a decade. It also marks its youngest median age in 17 years.

Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 “Dance Moms” continues to be a runaway hit for Lifetime. It’s currently the #1 unscripted cable series in its Tuesday time period among women. Season two is over-delivering season one by a whopping 71% among adults 18-49, 73% among women 18-49, and 64% among adults 25-54. Season two is also skewing towards a younger audience than season one, with a median age of 32.

TLC's series “Dance Moms” revolves around controversial dance studio owner, Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 Abby Lee Miller, her young students, and their always-present mothers. Viewers often criticize Miller’s strict, no-nonsense approach, but many of her students have moved on from her dance studio to perform professionally, plus many win scholarships to major events all across the country. New episodes of “Dance Moms” air at 9/8c on Tuesday nights on Lifetime.

Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 Critically acclaimed “Drop Dead Diva” is another big success on Lifetime. The series is currently enjoying its strongest season to date and ranks as the No. 1 drama across ad-supported cable in its time slot. Season four debuted on June 3 with guest appearances by Kim Kardashian. The one-hour comedic drama tells the story of a shallow wannabe model who dies in a sudden accident only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, plus-size and recently deceased attorney.

Filmed in Atlanta, Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 the current season of “Drop Dead Diva” has also featured guests Serena Williams, John Ratzenberger, Patty Duke, Megyn Price, Emily Rutherford and Jake T. Austin. Brandy Norwood and Valerie Harper returned to reprise their roles from season three. “Dance Moms” and “Drop Dead Diva” crossed over when nine-year-old Maddie Ziegler from “Dance Moms” played Deb on a recent episode of “Drop Dead Diva.”

Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 14 "Drop Dead Diva" creator Josh Berman says a shocking cliffhanger is on the way for the September 9 season finale. “I can promise that the cliffhanger for season four is something that nobody will expect, nobody will see coming and it will change the direction of the show,” Berman told “TV Fanatic“ recently. Until then, new episodes of “Drop Dead Diva” air at 9/8c on Sunday evenings on Lifetime.



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